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Whilst our competitive prices offer incredible value, our quality and service are not compromised in any way which will put you in a position of strength against your competitors. Files are checked at every stage through our production process to ensure each stage complies with our stringent criteria and finished plates can be supplied with our Certificate of Conformity if required.





Our Kodak Thermoflex allows us to manufacture controlled, consistent, high quality, polymer plates with HD imaging (if required) and all types of screening can be applied to aid the printability of your designs to suit your specific printing needs.


Our Systems



Our Kodak Flexcel NX System uses unique technology to deliver print quality and print performance that is a significant step ahead of traditional digital flexo. It combines high-resolution imaging with materials science and software expertise to produce printing plates that are an identical reproduction of the digital file with an optimised dot structure for printing. Kodak flat-top dots are key to superior on-press performance, delivering a consistent, repeatable printing plate that is resistant to change in impression and wear from substrate or cleaning. 


What Kodak NX Can Offer



Unlike traditional digital flexo plate making where oxygen inhibition during UV exposure causes the dot profile to become rounded, especially in highlight areas, the Flexcel NX system eliminates all oxygen during UV exposure to produce full amplitude flat-top dots with sturdy bases and strong shoulders. If you would like to see how Kodak Flexcel NX plates can benefit you, please contact us to request a trial. 


For more information on the Kodak Flexcel NX system, please visit Kodak's Website.


In all, this creates flexibility and diversity, which means our customers benefit from our ‘one stop’ ethos, safe in the knowledge work can be handled in one place, saving time and cost.





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